Rebuild or Resurface Your Deck: Which is Better for Your Old Deck?

Decks can last for many years, depending on how well they’re built. No matter how much you hope for it, decks, just like other structures, are not meant to last forever. There will be a time when you have to decide whether you’ll rebuild or resurface your deck.

The truth is, your deck’s rails will get detached, its nails will pop, or its floor will creak. These are signs that your deck must be resurfaced or rebuilt. They are also accidents waiting to happen. 

Thus, taking action before an accident happens is a smart move. While both are excellent options, you must know the differences between deck rebuilding and resurfacing to make an informed decision. 

Resurfacing Your Deck

As its name suggests, deck resurfacing is the process of changing the surface of your deck. This can be done by replacing your deck’s railings, stairs, or boards. These parts will be placed on your deck’s existing foundation. In short, only some parts of your deck have to be replaced. 

Resurfacing is an excellent option if you want a deck makeover without breaking the bank. It also allows you to remodel a home without having to take the whole deck apart. 

While deck resurfacing sounds like the best option, it is not. It only works on decks that are not that old. If your deck’s foundation is rotten and unstable, resurfacing it won’t change the fact that it is unsafe. 

To make sure whether your deck’s frame is safe or not, getting it checked by a reputable deck builder in Deerfield Beach, Florida is a must. 

Rebuilding Your Deck

Deck rebuilding is the process of taking down your whole deck, and replacing all of it. While rebuilding your deck sounds like an expensive option, it is the best choice, safety-wise. After all, you can’t easily put a price tag on your and your family’s safety. 

Natural materials like wood are prone to accumulating mold, rotting, and degrading. Due to this, professional deck builders deem deck rebuilding as the safest option for homeowners. 

Rebuilding is an excellent option if you want a whole new deck. It also allows you to choose which materials you want your deck’s foundation to be made of, and how it should look. 

To make sure whether your deck needs to be rebuilt or not, contacting a reputable deck contractor in Deerfield Beach, Florida is necessary. 

Rebuild or Resurface? Making an Informed Decision

As stated earlier in this article, deck resurfacing and rebuilding are both great options. However, your choice should be based on your needs. 

If your deck’s foundation is still sturdy, you can go for the first option― resurfacing. On the other hand, if your deck’s frame is rotten or filled with mold or termites, it’s time to rebuild it. 

At the end of the day, rebuilding or resurfacing your deck depends on your needs, budget, and the advice of a deck contractor. To get in touch with a trusted deck builder in Deerfield Beach Florida, click here.