What the process is like

the process

Star to finish

Here's where it starts

Step 1

You contact us and let us know about your interest in getting an awesome custom built deck, dock, or pergola.

Step 3

We come back to the office and work our numbers to compose the best estimate we can for building outdoor living space.

Step 5

We meet with our engineer who knows everything about live loads, dead loads, wind uplift and all that technical stuff in order to build the strongest structure. They also draw the architectural plans that we can present to the city for the permitting process.

Step 7

We will keep checking on the status of the permit and as soon as its approved, we will pick it up and call you to schedule a start date for your project.

and then...

Step 2

We schedule a free appointment for your to meet with one of our Fort Decks of Deerfield Beach experts to talk about your plans and to come up with a design that fits your needs and budget.

Step 4

Upon your approval of the proposal we can draw a 3D model of your design at your request.

Step 6

Our engineer is usually very fast about delivering our signed and stamped drawings – and once he does, we get all of paperwork filled out, signed by you and bring it to the building department┬áto start the permit acquiring process.

Finish line!

Complete your project, pass all the inspections and do a walk through with you to make sure everything is looking great. From here on we hope that you enjoy your new investment and that we are your recommended deck, dock or pergola contractor.