Wood decking conservation tip

Wooden decks are widely used outdoors, as they are elegant and bring life to the environment. Traditionally, they are made with exotic wood or pressure treated wood boards that are resistant to termites and rot. They can be placed on any type of floor, even on walls, if necessary, to form areas for rest, decoration or to increase the leisure area.

Maintenance is simple but should be performed by a professional. It can be done once a year to maintain the quality and beauty of the material.

The scraping and application of a quality stain or sealer will ensure a longer useful life for your deck. But there are also other products that can be applied on wood to increase protection and renew the look.

Some of the benefits that these products will provide are:

– Extends life span

– Does not come out with water

– Keep away insects and fungi

– Blocks UV rays

For its conservation, it is suggested to keep the deck and the area around always clean, because it prevents the accumulation of dirt on the surface, preserving the initial appearance of the wood. But for a more complete cleaning, a stain remover would be used, to soften the old protections, and brush its surface. Then, a wood lightner would be applied before a new coat of stain or sealer. This new application will leave the structure protected and renewed.