The importance of stainless hardware for decks and docks

We all know why cars that come from areas that get a lot of snowfall get a bad reputation for being rusty. The Salt! In Florida it’s no different when it comes to metals that are exposed to or near a body of salt water.

Salt takes it’s toll on most exterior metals and significantly shortens their durability.

Damage caused by improper screws

Stainless steel hardware is extremely powerful when used in external applications and that require great resistance, in the case of docks and decks that are close to salt water.

Bolts, nuts, washers, connectors, etc. are what connects the marine grade lumber to each other in order to make the deck or dock strong and durable.

The structure is only as reliable as what holds it together, and if these metals corrode, then the structure could weaken and become dangerous much sooner than a structure not affected by these harsh conditions. That’s why stainless screws make a big difference.

We list below some characteristics of stainless steel screws:

– Resistance against corrosion;

They are perfect for structures close to salt water, such as Decks and Docks, their resilience not only applies to their integrity, but also to the lumber where they were applied.

– Stainless screws keep your structure clean.

 Since stainless steel won’t rust, it will keep your lumber and surrounding areas from stains and helps prevent the build-up of microorganisms. Thus the cleaning process of your Deck or Dock is facilitated.

– Low maintenance cost

Because they are more resistant than other metals and coatings, they tend to last much longer before a possible replacement.

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