Composite decks

Usually when thinking about decking people automatically turn to traditional
wooden decks. However, composite decking is also a great option that has
many advantages to offer and may be just right for you.  A Deck must
withstand all types of adverse weather conditions while creating a
comfortable and attractive outdoor space. Building a deck is a significant
investment for your home, it is important to consider the time and cost you
will spend maintaining a wooden deck, instead of taking advantage of it.

Composite Decking is an environmentally friendly product, it is made from
raw materials made of wood and recycled plastics. It provides an attractive
and durable surface and it’s virtually maintenance free!

A unique and ecological process is used to transform recycled wood and
plastic into strong, moisture-resistant boards, with a natural, durable and
high-quality appearance:

– Total resistance to corrosion, molds and fungi;
– Plates never need to be sealed, stained or painted;
– This type of deck is much more resistant to sliding than traditional
– Composite plates do not warp or fade in the sun;
– No splinters or cracks;
– Fits all styles and budgets.
– Maintains an attractive appearance for a long time.